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Hand Tools

Wera Torx1

Screwdriver, Allen key and Torx Drivers

A big part of my DIY projects involves tightening and fixing screws, hex bolts, and socket head fixings. Like many other things, these form a large part of my daily work so having a good set of hand tools to make working with them easy really helps.

Traditional screwdrivers don’t have very well-designed handles, they tend to be straight and made from hard plastic or wood, this means they do not fit well in the palm of your hand and means that gripping them is more difficult. 

I find that having average-sized hands and a medium grip strength I need as much help as I can when tightening or loosening screws or fixings. 

So I choose Wera hand tools because they have great ergonomics and fit really well in my hand, the may look a bit odd but the shape and materials used to form the handles is really comfortable and allows for maximum grip, which means you can apply more force and torque for tightening or loosening difficult fixings.

Wera has a wide range of hand tools and they have some well thought out kits that make great additions to your toolbox:

Compact imperial ratchet set

12 piece screwdriver set with holder

43 piece 3/8″ Drive Socket set with case

All of these are available from Amazon are great pieces of equipment to include in your toolbox, they will make light driving home screws or bolts last for along time and keep you DIY projects together.


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