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Best Cordless Combi Drills


Looking for a drill/driver to help fix and repair your property? here are few things to look for to help you choose the right one.

In the past cordless drills used Ni-CAD batteries that were heavy and didn’t last very long on a single charge.

But now with newer Lithium technology cordless drills are the go-to power tool. 

Lots of top brands are investing in this technology and HITACHI (or HIKOKI) are leaders in lithium powered tools, they are using the technology to make our lives easier.

Features to look out for in a Cordless Drill

Lithium Ion batteries, these are the latest power saving technology they range from 1.0 Ah to 8.0Ah and with Hikoki’s ‘Multi-Volt’ offering the power and working time support even the toughest jobs on site or at home.

Look for batteries that are interchangeable so that they can be used with other tools, this means that you only need one charger and can have a couple of batteries tat work with all your tools.

Using interchangeable systems means never running our of power or charge, which means getting the job done and saves time.

This does mean sticking with one manufacturer and with Hikoki’ range of tools there is something for everyone. 

My go-to power tool is the 18v Hitachi combi drill, (click to Check price on Amazon). I use this ALL the time here’s why:

It is very robust with a metal drive unit so the gears are hard wearing and last a long time. 

The drill is lightweight and comfortable to hold with a good ergonomic grip and the controls fit well and are easy to use so changing speeds and direction are quick and easy, I particularly like the direction switch as it can be operated with just your thumb.

The motor and battery are powerful enough to do all but the heaviest jobs, even blasting into hard masonry 

It has loads of features, 2 speeds, multiple torque settings, and hammer action, and charging time is only an hour.

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